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Windows That Are Beautiful, Cost Efficient, Super Strong, And Craftsman Installed

Why is 1-800-USA-HOME.COM the best company to call for replacement windows? For one, we are exclusive installers of Solace Brand Windows. There is a reason that Solace has such an outstanding reputation in the window industry: they manufacture windows that are a rare combination of both beauty AND durability.

And while the quality of the window is important, craftsman-quality installation is just as crucial. Simply put, poor installation not only looks terrible, it costs you money in lost energy efficiency. In the worst cases, you’ll have to pay a real company to re-do the whole job (and we know this because we’ve come behind others to fix their shoddy workmanship).


Beauty: Our Windows Have 27% More Viewing Area Than Average Windows
FACT: More Light = More Beautiful

Nothing brightens the overall atmosphere of a home more than natural light. Solace Windows are built with more glass and viewing area… you will have more outdoor light flooding into your home. It will improve the appeal of your home from both inside and outside.

Craftsmanship:  We 100% GUARANTEE Our Installation
FACT:  We Never Play The “Blame Game” – One Number To Call For Any Problem

Have you ever been the person left holding the bag in the “Blame Game?” Unfortunately, some in the home improvement industry are more interested in pointing fingers than fixing problems. The manufacture says call the installer. The installer says call the distributor… and on it goes.

We call it the problem of divided responsibility. When responsibility is spread out, accountability gets lost. This is why we use the “Undivided Responsibility Method.” There is one number to call for ANY issue: 1-800-USA-HOME. We will get you a solution. Problems are rare, but you can feel secure that we are here to take responsibility.

NOTE: The Best Protection Is To Pick The Right Installer In The First Place. Talk To Us. Check Out Our Reputation Page. Call Our References. AVOID PROBLEMS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

“Don’t Let This Happen To You. Pick The Right Company The First Time”

Strength: Our Fiberglass-Reinforced Windows Are Super Durable
FACT: Your Window Investment Is Protected With Lifetime Warranties

Solace Windows use a special UltraCore Window System that make it both more durable and energy efficient than ordinary windows. These vinyl windows get even more strength from special fiberglass reinforcement.

The durability of Solace windows is why these windows come with a clear Lifetime Warranty without any double-talk.  The lifetime warranty covers the entire window and is fully transferable to a second property owner.

“Fiberglass-Reinforced Solace Windows Are Just Plain Stronger”

Save Money: Energy Bills Go Down, Home Value Goes Up
FACT:  Our Pricing Is Very Competitive – Ask About Our 180 Day Price Protection Plan

Buyer beware! Sometimes a window that seems like a bargain is actually a terrible deal. A cheap window will mean energy (AND DOLLARS) escaping each and every month. The bargain will turn out to cost you more money over time.

Selecting Solace Windows will also add to the overall value of your home. According to Remodeling Magazine, you re-coup on average 50% or more of the cost of the project due to increased value in your home. And that doesn’t even count the energy savings.


  • 27% More Viewing Area
  • Fiberglass Reinforcement Using Advantex Structural Technology
  • Glass Panes Coated With Multiple Layers of Reflective Material
  • Proven to Withstand Wind Speeds of More Than 190 MPH

Other Options Include:

  • Neat™ Self-Cleaning Glass that has a permanent layer of titanium dioxide on the outer surface that works in concert with the sun to break down dirt and grit
  • Integrated privacy blinds (available in many colors) that are sealed in between the panes of glass to protect them against dust
  • A patented coved and contoured window design that pays homage to the very best in American architectural traditions

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