Replacement Windows: Speciality

Garden Windows

Add more light to your kitchen or bathroom with a classic V Class Garden Window. With a streamline frame design, we have mastered the balance between beauty and performance.

Projected Frame Windows

Endless possibilities exist when it comes to providing an elegant look for your home. Our custom sized Projected Frame Windows can be built with virtually any type of window, any glass design, or any color combination in order to give your room a beautiful view.

Full Frame Replacement Windows

V Class Windows’ Full Frame Replacement System takes replacing old windows with new ones a step further, thoroughly restoring the structural integrity of the window opening while installing an energy-efficient, low maintenance replacement window.

Geometric Windows

V Class Windows’ geometric shaped windows let you complete the distinction to your home’s exterior view, while allowing you to capture more of the world around you. From the simple to the sublime, you can select both shape and size to create your own home’s personality, or simply to grace a special space with sunlight.