The FAQs of Replacement Windows

Q: How do I know if it is time to replace my windows?

A: People replace windows for several reasons. If you find yourself often complaining about cold drafts coming from your windows or regularly dealing with broke or stuck windows, you probably already know time it is time for replacement. Generally speaking, windows 10 years old or more should be replaced to improve comfort levels and maximize energy savings. (And don’t assume that if you have a recently constructed home that you have good windows. Unfortunately, many builders use cheaper windows to lower costs).

Other top reasons for replacing windows: eliminating exterior maintenance, easier cleaning glass, and adding market value to your home. Also, don’t forget safety. Windows are one of the main exit points in an emergency and you need windows that are easy to operate and don’t stick.

Q: Will replacement windows fix the drafts I get from my current windows?

A: Yes. Not only are all our windows energy-efficient, we are installation experts. Poor installation will mean gaps that allow for air to seep in and reduce energy savings. With you are guaranteed to have a snug installation that eliminates drafts.

Also, we recommend always selecting a company that can clearly explain why their windows are truly energy efficient (see next question).

Q: The main reason I’m doing this is to make my home more comfortable and save money on energy bills. Are your windows energy efficient?

A: Yes. We refuse to use windows that are not energy-efficient for one simple reason: a window that fails to meet energy efficiency standards will actually cost you money in the long run with higher energy bills. It would be like buying windows that you never really pay off. True window experts can educate you on R-Value, U-Factors, Energy Star Certification, and more. Don’t worry – it is not as complicated as it sounds and we can explain it during your consultation.

More information on window energy-efficiency is also available by clicking here.

Q: What happens if I replace my windows and there is a problem with any of them?

A: Problems are rare, but if you have one you won’t catch us playing the “blame game.” You see this too often in the home improvement industry. You have an issue and you call the manufacturer. They tell you to call the installer. The installer tells you to call the distributor… and on it goes.

We won’t tell you to contact somebody else. We call it our “Undivided Responsibility Method.” There is one phone number to call for any problem with your windows: 1-800-USA-HOME. We will get you the resolution you deserve.

Q: I’ve seen a lot of different advertised prices for windows. Why shouldn’t I just go with the lowest price?

A: It is true that replacing windows is a competitive industry. Sometimes you will run across really low advertised prices only to call and find out that the window shown is of such poor quality that they almost never sell THAT window. Then they try to convince you to buy a higher priced window.

We think these kind of “bait and switch” tactics are a waste of a customer’s time and disrespectful. We prefer to install quality, Lifetime Warranty windows at a value price. We are not afraid to put our quality and price against anyone. You are guaranteed to pay the lowest price with our 180 Day Price Protection Plan. You will not find a better price for an installed window replacement (apples-to-apples comparison) within 180 days of purchasing windows from us or we will pay you the difference.

Q: What warranties come with your windows?

A: It is policy to only deal in products that come with Lifetime Warranties. That is why we install Solace windows. They come with a crystal clear Lifetime Warranty without any confusing clauses or double-talk.  The lifetime warranty covers the entire window and is fully transferable to a second property owner.

Q: What are the advantages of a “larger viewing area’?

A: A larger viewing area in reference to windows means less frame and more glass. Our Solace windows have 27% larger viewing areas than the average replacement window. You’ll get more natural light inside, while adding to the appealing look of your home from the outside.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes – we help with this all the time. We’ll find the right payment plan based on what makes sense for your budget. We even have some ZERO INTEREST options.  that allow you to spread out the cost and make it more affordable.  When our consultant visits to provide a quote, be sure to ask about payment plans. Visit our finance page for more information.

Q: What else should I know?

A: We have put together a special guide that can help you sort out different claims by contractors. It also shows proof of our track record, that we are properly insured and licensed, and many other things you should know BEFORE hiring any contractor. You can go here to download a FREE copy of the Contractor Standards Guide here.