One Day Bath

Has Your Bathroom Seen Better Days?

Is your bathtub old, or just out of style? Is it cracked, rusty or damaged? Do have a hard time cleaning soap scum, mold and mildew? At we can help you fix these most common bath problems.

Avoid Cheap Fixes when Remodeling your Bathroom

We don’t recommend using fiberglass and recycled acrylic bath solutions because they are not effective in the long term. Don’t count on these products to be reliable for everlasting use in your bathroom.

The hotel industry has gone almost exclusively to acrylic solutions because hotels need their bath tubs and showers to be able to handle a high degree of wear and tear, be easy to clean and look attractive. Why not enjoy those same benefits in your home’s bathroom? Try our Build A Bath application to see how we can transform your bathroom into a thing of lasting beauty.

Permanent Answer to Remodeling Your Tub or Shower

Our One Day Bath is crafted out of 100% new, American-made acrylic material. Its high gloss finish will not crack, chip or peel. One Day Bath is non-porous and scratch resistant. These one-piece seamless liners are extremely difficult to puncture, or damage. Our One Day Bath prevents water leakage, which also helps stop any mildew problems.