Energy Efficient House Windows for Residences in Columbus, OH

At, we offer house windows that provide unmatched beauty, durability, and energy efficiency. Your home in Columbus, Ohio, deserves a brand of window that both looks great and is designed to help you conserve energy. That is why we carry Solace® windows, a brand that combines the warmth and craftsmanship of wood, the strength of fiberglass, and easy maintenance of vinyl. Solace® house windows are a feat of engineering, with high R-factor frames, insulated glass, and the lowest air infiltration rating (0.04) in the industry. Although made to insulate, Solace® windows are unquestionably beautiful as well, and are guaranteed to not crack, warp, or rot like windows that are made of wood.

Solace® house windows also come available in many different architectural styles, giving you the luxury of being able to select a window that perfectly fits the personality of your home. Styles include:

  • Double hung – Double hung windows can be opened either from the top or the bottom.
  • Casement & awning – Casement windows open by turning a crank or handle; awning windows do the same, but are typically hinged at the top and open outward.
  • Sliding – Sliders move back and forth horizontally along a track.
  • Bay – Bay windows project outward from the home, forming a “bay” and providing an expansive view.
  • Specialty – We offer many specialty windows, including garden windows, geometric shape windows, and projected-frame window.

To learn more about the Solace® brand, and to get a quote on new windows for your residence in Columbus, Ohio, contact local window contractor today. We also offer bath liners, walk in tubs, basement finishing services, and more.