Energy Calculator knows saving money is important to you. That’s why we offer several home insulating products that will put money back into your pocket! Our Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™ and AttiCat ™ Expanding Blown-In PINK FIBERGLASS™ Insulation System confirms Why Pink is Green™. These products contribute not only to the energy efficiency of your home, but contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions too.

Even though you can’t see energy, you can see how much it costs you each month by looking at your utility bills. Why not reduce your expenses by installing these cost saving products? Your energy bills can be lowered by 20% to 30 %, or even more!

Besides the benefits of saving energy and money, these products also help protect the environment. Our Basement Finishing System™ and AttiCat ™ Expanding Blown-In PINK FIBERGLASS™ Insulation System are made with Owens Corning’s™ world famous thermal insulation. This insulation is created by using widely and plentiful resources and recycled materials.

Find out how much green you will save by installing these home insulating products with our energy calculator. Enter your current energy bill and the approximate percentage of energy savings that you expect in the boxes below.

Yearly Savings:

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