Bathtub Replacement Services for Residents of Columbus, OH

At, we offer professional bathtub replacement services throughout Columbus, Ohio, and many of the surrounding suburbs. If you want – or need – a brand new bathtub, then you have come to the right place as has an incredible selection of bathtub models to choose from. We have deep soaker tubs, conventional models, walk-in baths – virtually any style of tub you can imagine for bathtub replacement.

Of course, tearing out your old tub and replacing it with a brand new one isn’t your only option. You could, instead, have the bathroom remodeling pros at 1-800-USA-HOME install a beautiful bathtub liner. A liner is basically what it sounds like. It “lines” the existing tub, permanently concealing it from view. Because it is custom molded, it fits over the tub underneath it like a glove, giving the impression that a brand new tub has been installed. The two primary reasons why bathtub liners are such a popular alternative to bathtub replacement is that they are more affordable and take just one day to install. In addition, bathtub liners are remarkably easy to maintain. Their durable acrylic construction means that they do not crack, rot, or stain. Plus, thanks to their non-porous surfaces, acrylic bathtubs are highly resistant to the growth of mildew and mold.

For more information on bathtub replacement and bathtub liner installation, contact today. Whichever option you choose – replacement or liner – our goal is to ensure that you have the very best bathroom remodeling experience possible. Since 1999, we have proudly served Columbus, OH, and the surrounding area.