Durable, Beautiful Bathtub Liners for Residents of Columbus, OH

1-800-USA-HOME.com installs bathtub liners in homes throughout the Columbus, Ohio, area. Our liners are made out of 100 percent American-made virgin acrylic, an exceptionally durable material that has achieved widespread adoption in the bathroom remodeling industry. Acrylic bathtub liners are ideally suited for those bathroom remodeling projects that must be accomplished quickly and/or on a limited budget. Typically requiring just one day to install, our bath liners represent a fast, affordable upgrade that can make any tub look brand new again.

Bathtub liners from 1-800-USA-HOME.com are:

  • Resilient – They are guaranteed to not crack, chip, peel, or become discolored, even after many years of use. Furthermore, they are extremely difficult to scratch, gouge, puncture, or otherwise damage. One-piece construction helps to prevent water leaks as well.
  • Beautiful – Our tub liners have a high-gloss finish that is easy to preserve.
  • Low maintenance – There is no grout to have to seal and clean, the only regular maintenance being periodic wipe downs with a non-abrasive cleanser. Our bath liners have a non-porous surface that largely prevents bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing. Also, a sanitary-grade silicone called MilGuard™ is also applied to stave off the growth of microbes.

For additional information on the bathtub liners that we offer to residents of Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding suburbs, please contact 1-800-USA-HOME.com today. In the course of just one day, we can transform your existing bathroom into a clean, luxurious retreat. Along with tub liners, we also install showers liners, walk in tubs, sinks, vanities, flooring, and more.