Bathroom Remodels for Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Canton, Parma & Other Central Ohio Locations

Are You Tired of Your OLD Bathroom?

Then Stop Avoiding It…

We Have An Affordable Solution
That Is Durable, Looks Great…
And Won’t Tie Up Your Bathroom For Weeks

“Wow. Looking at this, I should have done this a LONG time ago.”

Once we are done re-doing a bathroom, we hear comments like that all the time – the biggest regret is having lived with a bathroom they hated for so long. Plus, with affordable payment plans, there are simple ways to make this investment and stop living with a crummy bathroom.

Our Most Popular Option

A New Look Shower or Tub with our ONE DAY Bath System 
The One Day Bath System gets you a sparkling new tub or shower but WITHOUT having your bathroom out of commission for days, WITHOUT racking up unnecessary costs, and WITHOUT having to worry about sloppy installation.   We also have options to convert your tub to a shower for easy accessibility.
Acrylic is perfect for the wet areas of your bathroom. It is mold-proof, easy-to-clean, and looks terrific.

Other Acrylic Solutions?
You likely have heard of other acrylic solutions. And some of them may even be cheaper.
But here is the problem. Not all acrylic solutions are created equal. At 1-800-USA-HOME.COM we use the finest American acrylic, which is universally considered to be the best acrylic available.  Others use cheaper acrylic which often contains up to 50% filler material.  This cheaper acrylic is simply more brittle and is less likely to last. If you’ve ever seen an acrylic tub that is chipping or cracking you can be sure that it was not 100% American acrylic.

With our solution, we can help you pick the perfect color for your new tub or shower as well as the surrounding wall. To visualize some of your options, we recommend you click on the Design Your Own Bath button below.

THE CLINCHER – You Are Protected: The One Day Bath System comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY fully backed by Bathwraps. You’ll get a copy of the warranty – UP FRONT and IN WRITING.


With other solutions, you bathroom can be tied up for days or weeks.  In most cases we can get you a new bathroom in a day. We are super-efficient without sacrificing quality because we have done work in thousands of bathrooms.

Never forget that the quality and experience of installers REALLY COUNTS. We know because we have come behind other lesser quality contractors and fixed their work. Always request proof of experience and references from any company doing work in your home.


1-800-USA-HOME.COM is a very experienced contractor and can offer you multiple options for your bathroom. We can remodel or refresh both wet and dry areas. While the One Day Bath Solutions is right for many of our customers, if you are looking for something different or more comprehensive, we have a proven track record in all types of bathroom remodels.

For more about our bathroom remodeling options, click here.

Bathroom remodels from 1-800-USA-HOME offer a number of options designed to improve the comfort and functionality of any bathroom in your home. If you thought bathroom remodeling had to be inconvenient and expensive, choose the experts in bathroom remodels at 1-800-USA-HOME and let us demonstrate why this isn’t necessarily so. Since 1999, our company has offered homeowners in cities like Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati fast, friendly service and decades of bathroom remodeling experience. As an official franchise of Owens Corning, we can guarantee the work we perform on your home will be done to the highest of standards. Our staff strives to ensure 100 percent satisfaction with our bathroom remodels, and will solicit your input and feedback throughout the entire remodeling process. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a beautiful new bathroom as well an enjoyable, stress-free remodeling experience.

The bathroom remodeling options available from 1-800-USA-HOME include:

Unlike many of our competitors who perform bathroom remodels, 1-800-USA-HOME has won a number of industry awards and has even been featured on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on ABC. Our bathroom remodeling systems are also completely customizable and can be installed in as little as one day.

For more information about our company and the types of home remodeling services that we provide, contact 1-800-USA-HOME today to set up a free consultation. In addition to bathroom remodeling, we also offer expert basement finishing services and attic insulation installation.