Basement Finishing System Features

The Basement Challenge

A home’s basement is like no other room in your house. In general, most basements are cooler, more humid and prone to moisture. They most likely contain your home’s plumbing and mechanical equipment too. When these items are covered with drywall, they become difficult and costly to access.

A Better Way to Finish Your Basement

Owens Corning™ took on the challenge to create a better Basement Finishing System™.  It used its expertise as a world leader in home building products and experts in building science for over 65 years to develop this new innovative product.

Since Owens Corning™ invented fiberglass insulation, it utilized its knowledge to create insulated walls that breathe and won’t trap moisture. Its walls make rooms warm and quiet too! You can even remove them for easy access to your foundation and plumbing. Watch the video to learn more about how Owens Corning revolutionizes the way basements are finished.

Experience the Owens Corning™ solution today. Get a Price on finishing your basement today!