Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Serving Columbus, OH & Surrounding Areas – is a full-service bathroom remodeling contractor located at 2050 Integrity Drive South in Columbus, Ohio. We offer a variety of affordable solutions for any bathroom that is potentially overdue for an update. One of the most common things we hear after remodeling a bathroom is the only thing the customer regretted was waiting so long to call us. At, we also make investing in a new bathroom easy to afford with a variety of convenient payment plans. Specific bathroom remodeling products we offer include:
  • Tub & shower liners – Having a liner installed is a great way to inject new life into a bathroom on a small budget. We offer bathtub and shower liners that are made of beautiful yet highly durable acrylic, a material that doesn’t rust, crack, or provide a breeding ground for unsightly mildew and mold. In most cases, we are able to install a liner in just one day.
  • Replacement tubs & showers – If you desire a completely new tub or shower, we have a wide variety of models from which to choose.
  • Walk-in tubs – For seniors and others with mobility problems, a walk-in tub can be an excellent bathroom remodeling investment. Our walk in tubs have low step thresholds, leak proof doors, safety grab bars, and other safety features.
To learn more, contact local bathroom remodeling contractor In Columbus, OH, we have a well-earned reputation for providing quality craftsmanship and beautiful bathroom products that are made to last. In addition to remodeling bathrooms, we are also the only company in the Columbus area authorized to install the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™, a non-drywall product that is designed for basement environments.